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Since 2020


to our clients and partners in Ibero-America and the USA

more than 250

recruiters are part of the successful project

more than 3,500

professionals have found their ideal job

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We help companies to hire staff

We enable the creation of new jobs through people who already have experience recruiting in different industrial areas, seeking to reactivate the Mexican labor market.

How do we do it?

We minimize response times

We specialize in different industries

We have +250 highly experienced recruiters

We reduce recruitment costs for companies

We develop hiring plans that are tailored to each company

Acute Benefits

En una reunión

For Businesses

  • It works as a collaboration tool to help companies close jobs faster and at lower cost.

  • We offer preferential costs for recruiting companies

  • If you have a small company, we help you focus on the central function of your business, while we take care of your human talent

  • There is no need to hire more HR staff to close a vacancy

  • We generate savings in employer charges costs directly (We avoid economic sanctions for employer charges)

  • For medium and large companies, we collaborate with the Human Resources area to close vacancies faster

En la oficina

For Employees

  • Greater job opportunity for Mexican workers

  • Better company-worker communication

  • Decrease the number of unemployment in Mexico

  • Personalized attention by a Reclutalent Account Manager

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