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We have a specialized and experienced consultants team focus in different industries, which guarantees the highest level of understanding, response and secrecy for high impact positions within an organization. 

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The idea of cloud sourcingIn concept it is similar to that of traditional Outsourcing, it can be summarized as the contracting of human talent, to cover the needs of the company no need to expand the number of employees.

With Cloudsourcing great opportunities open up when it comes to hire staff, because it makes use of technology, and new ways of contracting personnel are developed, with the aim of giving continuity to the businesses and providing them with higher profitability.

Acute Talent is the first Human Talent company in the world to take steps towards the Metaverse and having NFTs for its clients.

We offer: 

NFTs to access to events

NFTs to guarantee of personnel and contracted

NFTs to our platinum customers

Loyalty NFTs

Creation and Development of experiences in the metaverse for clients and collaborators

We guarantee the administration of Human Talent in accordance with the current legal, fiscal and labor provisions of each country in which we provide services.

Evolve your hiring processes by the hand of our experts

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